2018 Backyard Birds Calendar

Portrait Of A Perched Female Yellow-rumped Warbler

Enclosed below is a link to view the final draft proof of my beautiful 2018 Backyard Birds Calendar. I am offering this calendar for sale to my photographic clients and to those who love birds. I am very excited to share with my bird images from my backyard along the San Lorenzo Creek in Castro Valley. Yes, all these bird images were taken in my backyard. It shows what’s possible from your home. You too can make images like this, come learn from me, and sign up for one of my bird blind backyard sessions.*

My backyard bird photography has been a very calming for me and has provided great solace as I have gone through a second difficult episode with my back. 2017 has been much better than 2016 and 2015, still every day I need to stretch multiple times, and soak in my gym’s Jacuzzi.  I am looking forward to a healthy 2018, where I can photograph birds and wildlife all over the world, and share my love and passion for nature photography with as many people as possible.

If you would like a calendar, you can use the PayPal link below to order one, or you email me (at bruce@dreamcatcherimages.net) and I can send one to you. They make great Christmas gifts. The price of the calendar is $25.00.

2018 Backyard Birds Calendar Proof

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*Backyard Bird Blind Workshops

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