Bruce Finocchio/Dream Catcher Images

I Open Doorways And Help Others To Discover The Sacred Moments Of Nature!

Through Dream Catcher images, I create nature, bird, and wildlife images that sing with beauty and capture the sacredness of life.

Restore your life’s essence, experience a child-like wonderment, and reconnect your spirit with our mother earth. My mission, as the owner of Dream Catcher Images, is to create beautiful photographs that hauntingly sing to one’s heart of the earth and its magnificent wildlife. Through this imagery, a sense of awe about the sacredness of life is shared and communicated to the image viewer or a workshop participant.

My vision is to open a doorway and share the magical wonder of nature with others so that everyone can connect, see, and feel these powerful and sacred moments.

Come and follow me. I will help you become a better nature photographer and help you connect to the natural world. Through my empathic connection and awareness, you’ll leave with a sense of harmony and oneness and with feelings of inner calm and peace.


“I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot pictures of birds at the Rookery in Santa Rosa with Bruce. Aside from Bruce being astute with a camera, he has a sixth sense too, in that he seems to know what a bird or animal is going to do BEFORE they do it. Having this ability allowed us all to take jaw-dropping photos! Though the rookery is nestled in a busy neighborhood, the connection to nature was evident not only in the photos we took but in the relaxing and grounded time we had together.”Deb Breton.

“Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate your willingness to help new photography students. The Ranch is a very special place that was wonderful to visit.”—Linda Rutherford.

Bruce, your photography continues to fill my soul! You capture the heart of nature.”Nancy Wold.

“Bruce has had many years of experience in photographing nature, and his bird photography is especially wonderful. He maintains a consistency in the quality of his work and is an excellent teacher. Always helpful and generous, I would recommend Bruce to anyone interested in learning about nature photography.”—Jan Lightfoot Photography.

“Bruce is a wonder teacher, photographer and person. If you get the chance I highly recommend taking one of his classes, viewing one of his showings or taking a trip to the ranch.”—Derk Dreeszen


Honors & Awards

2023 PSA Council Challenge Honorable Mention Nature, 2017 PCC’s Projected Image Of The Year, 2014 N4C Wildlife Image of the Year, 2014 PCC’s Pictorial Projected Image Of the Year, 2014 PSA Chapters—Showcase Second Runner-up, 2003 N4C Creative Image Of The Year, 2002 N4C Creative Image Of the Year, 2001 N4C Nature Image Of the Year, President’s Club, Above & Beyond Member

Exhibitions And Gallery Shows

2023 Pacific Art League, 102nd Anniversary Exhibition, November—January 2024
2023 Pacific Art League, Transitions: Fall and Winter Landscapes, October 2024
2023 Coastal Art League, Juried Show, Theme: Secret And Sacred, August 2023
2023 PJCC Community Art Exhibition, July-September
2023 Redwood Shores Library, July-August
2023 Pacific Art League, Pet & Animals, Group Show, June
2023 Silicon Valley Open Studios — May
2023 Pacific Art League, Members Group Show, May
2023 Pacific Art League, Group Photography Show, Juror, Andrew Wegst, March.
2023 Coastal Arts League, Gallery Exhibition: “Visual Perspectives from the Peninsula Camera Club,” February
2022 Coastal Arts League Gallery, Juried Photography Show, “Every Picture Tells a Story.” — September 2022 Burlingame Library with PCC — June-August
2022 Silicon Valley Open Studios — May
2020 Coastal Art League Gallery — July-August
2019 Spring Exhibition Celebrating HARD — March-May
2019 PJCC Community Art Show — June-August
2018 Avenue 25th Gallery San Mateo — December – January 2019
2018 PJCC Community Art Show — June-August
2018 Coastal Art League Gallery — April
2017 The Peninsula Camera Club Gallery Show — April-May
2017 PCC Photographic Gallery Show at William E. Walker Recreation Center, April
2016 PJCC Community Art Show — July-Sept
2016 Wildlife Beyond Borders At Art Ark Gallery — June-August
2016 Wildlife Beyond Borders at K&S — April-May
2015 Wildlife Beyond Borders Exhibition, at the Photo Central Gallery — September-December
2015 Viewpoints, Foothill College Photographic Portfolio Exhibition — June-August

Books Publications

2011 Wildlife From The Blue Oak and Ramrod Ranches by Bruce Finocchio
2015 Viewpoints, Foothill College Photographic Portfolio Collection
2015 Wildlife Beyond Borders, From Beauty To Deeper Understanding
2020 Finding Peace In A Restless World, Spring Book 2020