Linda Rutherford

“Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate your willingness to help new photography students. The Ranch is a very special place that was wonderful to visit.” 

Deb Breton

“I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot pictures of birds at the Rookery in Santa Rosa with Bruce. Aside from Bruce being astute with a camera, he has a sixth sense too, in that he seems to know what a bird or animal is going to do BEFORE they do it. Having this ability allowed us all to take jaw-dropping photos! Though the rookery is nestled in a busy neighborhood, the connection to nature was evident not only in the photo’s we took but in the relaxing and grounded time we had together.”



Window Into Your Soul


Bruce, thank you for allowing me to see into the window of your soul. Your capacity to capture the beauty in this world is fueled by your love of nature. You then pass it on to all of us who follow you. Thank you, my wonderful friend. –Nancy Wold

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