Egret Photo Shoot

Great Egret Landing With Stick For Nest Building

Egret Rookery Photo Shoot

Date: By Arrangement, contact me before booking this photoshoot. 

Location: Ninth Street Rookery in Santa Rosa

Time: Beginning at 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM (An Afternoon Shoot)

Meeting Place: Ninth Street, in Santa Rosa, CA (See Map below)

This Rookery has been established for quite a while. Although I have known of it  for many years going back to 2009. This year will be the second year I will photograph this incredible place. It’s really an egret paradise. Although, it’s not big  only occupying several eucalyptus trees, plus a few more adjacent trees.

The species that are nesting in these trees are Great Egrets, Snowy and Cattle Egrets, and Black-crowned Night Herons. There are opportunities to capture images of all these species. Nesting activity is going on and in different stages. As time goes on, more young will grow and develop and show themselves above the stick nests.

Wings Out As A Snowy Egret Prepares To Land In A Eucalyptus Tree Branches

Here too you’ll not need a big telephoto lens. Even though, I will bring my 600 mm lens. Lenses in the 200mm or 300mm range will work for most types of images.

This Rookery is in a residential neighborhood, and parking is difficult. There sometimes spaces on the street next to the rookery trees. If not available, you might have to park on some side street and walk to the rookery area.

It’s a good two-hour drive from most Bay Area cities, less from the North Bay, and longer from the South Bay.

I will give camera setting tips and positioning you in the right places to get flight images and nesting behavior.   The images on this page are from my three previous visits to the rookery.

Contact me if you have any questions. or 650-339-2555. Please sign-up and register below to reserve your space.

Dates are by arrangement, please email or call me so I can arrange a mutual date. Because of traffic concerns and light direction, afternoon sessions are better. Meet at the Location, in Santa Rosa.

(2:00 PM Start Time)

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Great Egret Carrying Sticks To Build Nest

Location Map:

Ninth Street Rookery

2011 Google – Imagery ©2011 DigitalGlobe, USDA Farm Service Agency, GeoEye, Map data ©2011 Google

Location aliases
: Known to birders as the “Ninth St. Rookery.”

Location: On West Ninth St., Between Stony Point Rd. and North Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa, CA, but closer to Stony Point Rd. than to Dutton.

GPS address: 950 West Ninth St., Santa Rosa, CA 95401

GPS Coordinates: 38 26 29N, 122 44 25W

Access: Can be approached from Stony Point Rd. or from North Dutton Ave. The rookery trees are closer to Stony Point Rd. than to Dutton. On-street parking.

Habitats: Residential, urban

Great Egret In Breeding Plumage Throws Back Head And Neck In A Courtship Display