PCC Field Trips


The joy of sharing and experiencing photography with others is what field trips offer all of us. We get to know each other better, share techniques and knowledge, so we learn and grow as photographers.

One of my friends likes to go it alone; he doesn’t sign up for workshops, won’t go to Africa with a group. Maybe, that’s why I am one of the few friends he has, to me that’s not the way to go through life.

Plus, it is so much fun!!! Don’t miss the next PCC Field trip…

As you can see, we created a lot of Great images at the SF Zoo field trip in the beginning of August. Don’t miss the next one; there is so much benefit to attending a field trip.

You’ll return with a smile on your face, a happy heart, some new friends, and of course, some excellent images…


2 thoughts on “PCC Field Trips”

  1. Bob – Your animal portraits are wonderful! I especially enjoy the red haired monkey w young one staring at you and the giraffe! Bruce – seeing your images in nature inspires me. Have another Zoo trip soon. Barb


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