Listen To Your Inner Voice

Listen To Your Inner Voice

Manzanita in the Mist

The title of my photograph is “Manzanita in the Mist.” It is my first great image. I captured and created it in 1991 with slide film on a wet April spring day in the Pinnacles National Monument. 

The Pinnacles National Monument is a special place for me because my Dad hunted there in the 1940s, during WW II. He drove a motorcycle with his gun and scabbard attached to the Salinas Valley. Then, because of gas rationing, his hunting farmer friends gave him enough gas to return to San Francisco. Because of the agriculture industry, these farmers had extra gas rationed to them during WWII.

I took this image halfway up the high peaks trail on the west side or Soledad side of the Pinnacles National Monument. I saw this manzanita overhanging this deep ravine. I stopped and came back; at this point, the trail horseshoed, and I had to lean over the edge. After I left, taking one image, my subconscious nagged at me, and somehow I wasn’t satisfied with this one image, so I took more care to steady my hand a second time. In the foggy conditions, there wasn’t much light.

Good thing, too, that I went back because my first image wasn’t sharp. It was slightly blurry–so listen to your “ inner feelings,” and in this case, it really paid off for me.

My Dad was eventually forced out of the Pinnacles. He wanted a place of his own, so in December 1946, he bought some land across the Salinas Valley up the Arroyo Seco River Valley. This place is where I followed my Dad’s hunting footsteps as a boy and young man.

The Ramrod Ranch is where I grew to love nature and wildlife, became sensitive to life, and found out hunting wasn’t for me. At eighteen, I had to kill a black-tail buck up close and personal and watched his large shiny black eye go dull and opaque with death. From this moment on, I cherished life, leading me on my journey to become a wildlife photographer.

I hold photograph workshops there where visitors get to share in the natural wonder that continually unfolds daily. These bird blind workshops are where I help others create images like I do that “sing with beauty.” 

Come to the Ramrod Ranch and discover the magic and let nature enter your soul and stir your heart. Follow me and my photography; see what fine art I have created from the spirit of wildlife. (website) (Flickr) (Facebook) (slickpic) (Instagram)

Bruce Finocchio,
Nature, Wildlife, and Bird Photographer
October 8, 2013

There is still time to see this wonderful image from Bruce Finocchio, yours truly, and many others as the PCC CAL exhibition runs through February 27th.
“Visual Perspectives from the Peninsula Camera Club”

Half Moon Bay, CA: The Peninsula Camera Club (PCC) is proud to announce that 14 photographers, including six from the coast, will be showcasing their work as part of the PCC Photography Exhibition at the Coastal Arts League, 300 Main St. Half Moon Bay, from February 2nd – 27th, 2023.
Coastside Artists Tessa Burt, Linda Rutherford, John Williams, Melissa Brookmire, Barbara Masek, and Marie Susa, with Peninsula members Jay Bergman, Nik Favretto, Bruce Finocchio, Sonny Mencher, James Miglian, Jennifer O’Donnell, Sandy Patane, and Ben Wang will feature a wide variety of creative imagery from wildlife to architecture.

Author: Dream Catcher Images

Nature, Bird, and Wildlife Photographer Mission Statement: Restore your life’s essence, experience a child-like wonderment and reconnect your spirit with our mother earth. My mission, as the owner of Dream Catcher Images, is to create beautiful photographs that hauntingly sing to one’s heart of the earth and its magnificent wildlife. Through this imagery, a sense of awe about the sacredness of life is shared and communicated to the image viewer or a workshop participant.

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  1. Could you please email me a schedule of workshops at Ramrod Ranch. Thanks

    Hi David, If my health is OK, I do plan to have Bird Blind Workshop this spring (early to mid-May) at my Ranch. I haven’t photographed since October 28th, when I reinjured my back. I am doing physical therapy, and my condition has improved. This has happened the last three winters, and I recovered. Last year, I didn’t do them because my spring dried up because of the drought. You are on my email list, so I will send out the schedule sometime toward the end of March. Thanks for your interest. Bruce

    David, if you are still interested in attending a Bird Blind Photography Workshop at my Ramrod Ranch. I have scheduled workshops for the September 20 to October 22, 2023 time period. I already have clients scheduled. You can find more information here Or you might email me at or call me at 650-339-2555.

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