Backyard Bird Photography Program Presented To The Contra Costa Camera Club On April 30, 2020.

Bruce’s Big Birding Year Program To The Bay Area Bird Photographers On May 6, 2020.

Presenter: Bruce Finocchio

2019 was a great year for my wildlife photography. I took more images than any previous year by leaps and bounds. I took a three-week trip to East Africa in February. Six days after I got back from Africa; I went to Costa Rica, my first trip to Central America. I liked it so much I went back in November. 

My first long road trip with my new truck and trailer took me to South Central Oregon in late June. Where I spend six days photographing birds from my portable blind. I love this place; the backgrounds are so special. I plan to go back again this year, perhaps, taking a client with me. 

In between, I photographed in my backyard, along the San Lorenzo Creek in Castro Valley, and at my beloved Ramrod Ranch, located in the Eastern Sierra de Salinas mountain range. I still haven’t finished processing all my images. I am sure there are some gems waiting to be found. Here are some that I particularly love!!!