Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Restore your life’s essence, experience a child-like wonderment and reconnect your spirit with our mother earth. My mission, as the owner of Dream Catcher Images, is to create beautiful photographs that hauntingly sing to one’s heart of the earth and its magnificent wildlife. Through this imagery, a sense of awe about the sacredness of life is shared and communicated to the image viewer or a workshop participant.


My vision is to open a doorway and to share the magical wonder of nature with others, so everyone can connect, see, and feel these powerful and sacred moments.  


Artist Statement

I look for the sacredness of life and the beauty that resides within. Through my empathic connection and awareness, my photography seeks to capture the wonder and mystery of life. Each moment is unique and special. Embodying more than just the physical; it’s a window into the spirit world.

Out of this vision brings forth a love for all living creatures. Leaving one with a sense of harmony and oneness, and with feelings of inner calm and peace.

Knowing within my heart that this captured beauty can stir the soul, instilling a belief that the web of life can be preserved and wild animals and wild places can be protected for posterity.


An Aware Male Black Phoebe Completely Focused
An Aware Male Black Phoebe Completely Focused

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