2017 African Wildlife Calendar

Female Leopard Scanning The Countryside

Enclosed below is a link to view the final draft proof of my beautiful 2017 African Wildlife Calendar. I am offering this calendar for sale to my clients and to those who love wildlife. I am very excited to share with my African imagery in this personal and intimate way.

PDF Proof 2017 African Wildlife Calendar

These calendar images were taken on two different trips to Africa. My first journey to the wonderful and incredible African continent was when I visited Kruger National Park in the fall of 2005–a few days during late August and most of September. It was on this trip that I visited Londolozi Game Reserve in the famous Sabi Sands area adjacent to Kruger National Park.

Londolozi is famous for their Leopards sightings, and also being in the forefront of developing the safari business. They just celebrate their 90th year, beginning in 1926 when they purchased land in the Lowveld country next to the newly created Kruger National Park. It’s a family run business.

They have a very informative and content rich blog site now that details the stories of their adventures with the wildlife. They also have an exciting separate website on all forty-nine leopards that lived on Londolozi through the years, starting with the Mother Leopard. This is the first leopard that allowed intimate viewing of this mysterious and fascinating big cat.

You can follow their blog and leopard site by clicking on the links below. Can you identify the two leopards from my calendar one male and the other a female from this site? I have given you some clues in this text, and from the images, you should be able to discern the characteristic markings that separate one leopard from another.

Londolozi Blog

The Leopards of Londolozi

The story of my love affair with one of these beautiful leopards can be found on my blog at this page.

My Love Affair With A Londolozi Leopard

My second trip was to East Africa during the short dry season in January 2015. I visited the following National Parks: Arusha NP, Tarangire NP, Manyara NP, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti NP, and Ndutu Safari Lodge in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. I took over 70,000 images in nineteen shooting days.

In some places the Serengeti seems to stretch on forever; it’s so flat. The surrounding mountains that can be seen seem to be hazy distance shapes floating on a flat sea of grass. A magical place where I saw my first wild cheetah the only big cat to allude me in South Africa. Most of the calendar images are from here, East Africa.  It’s a dream place if you love wildlife and nature, a place to put high on your bucket list.

Ndutu was also a highlight for we spent five days and six nights there, really getting an intimate feeling for the place. We also drove back to the edge of Serengeti National Park and witness the great migration of zebra and wildebeest. This event was an incredible spectacle. I was overwhelmed by the numbers of wildebeest and zebra, it was truly a stunning site for we arrived at the Hidden Valley Pans just as the migration of millions of animals also arrived.

I hope you enjoy these images and take them to your heart each and every month. The words of my short quotes inspire you and take you to new heights in your personal growth.

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